Mountains have always been an eye-gravitating stuff for all of us. Therefore bike trip with bike rental in Gangtok has always been on my mind. It’s just not about the beauty of the nature that they possess. Sometimes exploring the other side of beauty turns out to be something unforgettable. It was when I, along with 3 of my other friends decided to see how the mountains behave with their beast-mode on, and head for a road trip to Sikkim from Siliguri. After coming back home, the first thought that popped up in my mind is to pen-down the complete experience and take each of you on a virtual ride to the magnificent Eastern Himalayan Indian state of Sikkim.

The kick-off of the road trip: Siliguri

When it comes to road trips, rented bikes top the list among youths nowadays; how could we miss the adventure of exploring curvy hilly roads of the North East then? Siliguri, the second largest city in West Bengal, is the bottleneck of the state that gives a passage to the North East. Thus, the city was an obvious choice for us to hire a bike from a company offering bike rental in Siliguri .What took our breath away was the fleet of well-maintained 350cc and 500cc cruiser bikes to choose amongst. We straight away followed the old proverb; bigger the better and hired a 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet.

Why did we hire from a bike rental company in Siliguri?

The city, being the gateway to the North East, was indeed the last option with a gamut of offers available for road trips. We could have easily hired an SUV and went ahead with a comfortable journey, but it was the adventure of the curvy mountainous roads that we had to taste. However, after hiring the bullet from the bike rental in Siliguri, we realized that the expense on the road trip actually got trimmed up to 60 percent as compared to hiring an SUV. Apart from these, the bike rental company gave some irresistible services and offers; few of which are:

  • Provision for online inquiries and bookings
  • Competitive rental charges
  • Availability of well-maintained bikes anytime
  • Jaw dropping fleet of off-road, sports, and cruiser bikes

Being bachelors, we just not needed anything more. All we could do after such research was to sign up for a comparatively better bike rental in Gangtok and get going.

The catchiest trip: Siliguri to Gangtok via Darjeeling

Our thirst for adventure was really tested as soon as we headed for Gangtok while taking a route through Darjeeling. It indeed was a breathtaking 100 odd kilometres (hailing from Siliguri and then to Darjeeling while being en route Gangtok on a bike), but the trip through the hilly road really brought our heart in the throat. It was something that cannot be captured in any combination of alphabets, but still, the experience made us see many things to cherish and taught for life like:

  • Exploration of the beauty and the beast of Mother Nature
  • Irresistible coexistence of mountains and rivers
  • Continuous fear of landslide while riding across the mountainous roads
  • Best possible trip to quench the thirst for adventure
  • Taught us to overcome fear rather than backing off

Road tour of Sikkim-Our experience on bikes

Even though the curvy roads of the hills hassled our trip, we still made it to the last. All we had been thinking all the way to Sikkim was nothing but the reason behind the existence of the meaning of the word ‘adventure’. Nothing comes for free and in an easy way; so does adventure. The experience of riding through hairpin bends is unmatched and unforgettable. It was the fear of any unprecedented occurrence possible anytime forced us to remain calm and composed to cope up such situations. The entire thing can be briefed as:

  • 6 in the morning is the best time to kick off
  • Geographical variance filled our hearts with contentment
  • Snow clad mountains touched our soul with its beauty
  • Realising the actual existence of the historical Old Silk Route
  • Passing through Sikkim’s famous Lhasa and Nathu La and Jelep La Passes
  • Indelible experience of riding through 59 hairpin bends at the Zuluk Pass
  • Seeing Chinese Army drilling at camps while crossing Kupup was indeed an once in a lifetime opportunity
  • Riding after Changu Lake was indeed a challenge due to heavy fog and fair chances of landslides

Points not to be missed

Everything seemed fine from Government Authorities till we reached Reshi. We barely rode 40 minutes off Reshi, we got the first checkpoint. It was then we realised how important were the papers that the bike rental in Siliguri (company) handed over to us. It was nothing but the permit for bike riding in Sikkim. However we had every other documents (Driving License, Registration Copy, Insurance and Pollution under Control certificate) ready with us, we still were asked to keep 5-6 copies of the permit with us. On asking about the reason behind it, the officials courteously helped us and informed about the upcoming check posts en route Gangtok. In addition to these, the bike rental in Gangtok gave us another special permit required for crossing Zuluk, Nathu La & enter Gangtok. Thank god we didn’t overlook anything that could’ve ruined our entire plan and brought us back home with shattered hearts.

Going on a road trip to Sikkim from Siliguri was indeed one of the best tour decisions I and my friends took till now. Thanks to the extreme road, geometrical and climatic conditions that taught us how to overcome fear and take wise and strong decisions, and move on. The journey was just not soul-satisfying, but also a life experience. That single road trip simply changed our point of view for life and transformed us to become even a better person than ever before. If you are still up for receiving a suggestion & recommendation; experience the Sikkim road trip at least for once. I have Bhutan on my next trip, thankfull this company do provide bike rental in Bhutan too.